Melons on Ice - Ohmen 10ML

Artikkelnr.: Ohm3

Søt vannmelon sammen med litt kald is. Dette er en såkalt shake and vape smak.

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Anbefalt 20% i miks. 

Totalt 50ml  ejuice.


Melons on Ice

Sweet watermelon combined with cold ice.

A bit like taking a bite of a frozen watermelon. But what else?

Doesn´t need steeping/breathing. Shake and vape!

Basically I´ve never been a sucker for menthol so I thought I´d pressure myself,

and perhaps in that process win some others that "didn´t like" menthol over.

Great ADV on a mouth-to-long tank. 

Helped me through quite a few vapers toungue days/weeks.

After a few days (or hits) vaping this fresh mix custards tastes of more...

( Originally called it rockbitch since it was my wife´s ADV... )

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